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amani meliyah

amani meliyah
director, writer, performer

I am a multidisciplinary artist who creates socio-political portraits of identity, faith, and community through theme-driven narratives rooted in the ideology of intersectional black feminism. I seek to explore black femme experiences in narrative, theatrical work influenced by applied and physical theater practices. I'm interested in how satire and magic realism can be used to de-mechanize systems of power by challenging social margins and celebrating the multiplicity of life in this realm and beyond. 

I am a co-founder of Blue Lilith Productions and we are currently in production for the film “ROOFTOP JESUS” in which I serve as writer and director. Additionally, I am a facilitator with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC and work with queer youth in transitional living.

I am passionate about the healing rituals of telling stories through live performance, movement, poetry, and video. 

Member of the 2023-2024 Leon Levy Roundabout Directing Cohort 


Education: Coastal Carolina University BFA in Acting; Life lessons from many ancestors and aunties

my work

Today we gather in remembrance of a fragile generation. 

Born on the cusp of a new millennium

Our birth marked the end of an era and the start of something new. 

Today as babies we die and transcend into the afterlife of adulthood. 


The first breaths of responsibility

The first steps of maturity 

The first taste of freedom 

We suck it down and beg for more

Emptying our pockets before they ever had a chance to fill. 


Today we mourn for our innocence as

This christening into reality is vicious. 


I mourn for a version of myself that wasn’t ready to die 


And adjust to this new skin: 

brown and tender like before 

but with a tremor beneath the surface teeming with optimism and fear. 


A karmic link with the Universe

We experience our rebirth in tandem.

- from "HONEYMOON'" by amani meliyah

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